3 Strategies to keep students engaged in STEM

Strategy #1: Identify an engaging topic that is aligned with standards.

Here are two projects I’ve done in past years. Both projects were closely aligned to science and engineering , and greatly engaged students in the learning process.

  • Fly Me to the Moon…Well, at Least the Upper Stratosphere: Students worked on an experimental payload that was launched using a high-altitude weather balloon. The payload was equipped with a Vernier LabQuest to collect scientific measurements and a GoPro camera to collect video footage during its trajectory.
  • Oh, The Places You’ll Go…to Do Science with ROAVEE (Remotely Operated Amphibious Vehicle for Environmental Exploration): I challenged students to design, model, construct, test, and navigate a robotic vehicle—equipped with sensors to collect environmental data—on solid terrain as well as on water.
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